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Shade Tree

The adjustable shade awnings on this page were provided by ShadeTree.
Shadetree makes manually adjustable awnings of different colors and sizes that can lock into place in windy conditions. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see a motorized louvered patio cover.

The Green Scene Woodwork

The Green Scene's wood arbors, pavilions, pergolas, balconies,

faux wood decking, gazebos, and railings provide shade and beauty.

Buy Scott Cohen's Patio Covers, Pergolas, and Pavilions on Amazon.com!

Patio Covers, Pergolas, and Pavilions

faux wood decking Patio with shadetree awning Pool and Pergola
 ShadeTree Cover dining pavilion
patio and fireplace with pergola Wood Framed Outdoor Kitchen  Patio Cover Covered Patio
Patio and Pond Pergola with Wisteria Nader Covered Patio
Vine Arbor Patio and Pool patio with wood shade cover
Covered Spa Patio Resort Style Outdoor Living Room Arbor sundial patio and wood bridge
Overed Outdoor Living Room Patio Overloook Bridge Over Pond Woodwork
Outdoor Living Room Overed Outdoor Living Room Woodwork Covered Barbecue
Covered Outdoor Kitchen Covered Barbecue Counter Steps Leading to pool slide
Giraldo Wood Arbor Whaley Wood Pergola
Whaley Wood Pergola Barbecue and Fountain Wood Arbor

To get more information about motorized, fully adjustable patio covers, call Ohmbrella directly at (888) 947-4233

Mention The Green Scene and save $500!


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