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The Green Scene's Custom Outdoor Kitchens and Barbecue Counters

The Green Scene specializes in one-of-a-kind concrete barbecue counters and outdoor kitchens. Scott Cohen's outdoor kitchen designs are the most functional, beautiful, and durable you will ever see. He creates custom outdoor kitchen plans and concrete barbecue counters crafted from recycled wine bottles, colored glass, and uses fiber optics to light them up at night.

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Scott Cohen's Outdoor Kitchen Design Workbook Big Book of BBQ Plans
Beshay Outdoor Kitchen custom barbecue counter

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Vintage sink Closeup of Decorative Rock Barbecue Counter custom barbecue counter and fireplace Kiker outdoor kitchen

Scott Cohen's Outdoor Kitchen Workbook

Berson Bar
custom barbecue counter Blue lagoon tropical outdoor bar wth cast in place concrete countertop
Stone outdoor kitchen custom bottle tile barbecue counter
Read Scott Cohen's article about patio sizing on Concrete Network.
custom barbecue counter w/cover Lerner outdoor kitchen
The photographs below show the Ghauri counter during glass seeding phase of construction
and after it was sanded and polished.
Custom Barbecue Glass Seeding Cast in place concrete countertop
All of our concrete countertops are cast in place and hand seeded with glass and/or stone, and after the concrete is dry it is ground and polished. The edge is also cast in place using a rubber or styrofoam mold. Take a look at some of Scott Cohen's creations, and schedule a consultation with him to learn how to design and build your own, or have him design it for you, no matter where you live.
custom barbecue counter Badillo Kitchen
custom barbecue counter barbecue Kitche nand pond
custom barbecue counter custom barbecue counter custom barbecue counter

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Mazaheri BBQ

custom stone barbecue facade custom barbecue counter with fiber optic lighting custom barbecue counter
custom barbecue counter

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