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The Green Scene in Pool and Spa News, May 2005

Scott Cohen talks about his martini spa and custom tile backsplash

Pool and Spa News

Shaken, Not Stirred
A martini shaped spa gives the family pool a twist
that even James Bond would appreciate

by Rin-rin Yu

Listen up, James Bond fans. Imagine it's dusk and the last glowing rays of the sun are being replaced by the mood lights under the swim-up bar and barbeque counter, as you relax in your own martini glass shaped spa.

That was the idea for one family in Porter Ranch, California after designer Scott Cohen attended a martini party at their home. "Thes people love martinis," say the president and garden artisan at The Green Scene in Canoga Park, CA.

The space was a dirt backyard, where a 2' retaining wall had fallen. Cohen built a free form pool finished with blue color quartz. The real challenge though, was shaping the wide cone of the "martini glass" to form a spa.

The spa is a deep well where the water rises to chin level, so the kids can splash around like floating olives. Six jets surround the spa, and a flip of a switch changes the effect from pulsating to rotating so you have a choice of shaken or stirred.

Within the rectangular extension of the spa, four bar stools line the water's edge at a counter. Sheer decent water features also drop into the spa for a relaxing shoulder massage.

Cohen made molds of the owner's martini glasses, as well as real olives, and various wine, gin and scotch bottles. He created porcelain copies of the items to garnish the backsplash of the barbeque.

Don't think that just because the kids are underage, they can't enjoy a martini. Cohen invited the whole family over to hand-paint the olives and decorate their own ceramic tiles. To complete the cocktail party, he found waterproof playing cards with martini and aspertif recipes written on the back.

"It's so much fun", Cohen says. "And the family helped decorate." Eat your heart out, 007.

The yard before construction began
Speyer yard before pool
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Speyer martini spa