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The Green Scene Consultation Rates

Scott Cohen is available for on-site, online, and telephone consultations, expert witness testimony, and training and speaking engagements. Click here to review his curriculum vitae. Please call us at (818) 280-0420 to schedule an appointment.

Residential Local On-Site Consultations | Out Of Area On-Site Consultations | Telephone Consultations
Industry Expert/Construction Defect Consultations | Seminars

Blue Lagoon

Online Design Consultation

If you live outside of The Green Scene's service area and want Scott to design your yard, you can schedule an online consultation with Scott Cohen. Mr Cohen offers online consultations at $250 for 1 hour. Please call our office to schedule a telephone consultation. Your credit card information will be required at the time of scheduling.

Before you call, please gather the following materials together.

  • Photos of areas to be designed (views from windows, views of house, areas with privacy issues, etc.)
  • Measurements of areas to be designed*
  • HOA requirements
  • Setbacks and easements (areas that cannot be built on)
  • Drainage issues
  • Heights of slopes
  • Utility locations

*The accuracy of your measurements will determine the accuracy of the design we can create for you. Approximate measurements will allow him to create general sketches; precise measurements will allow him to create detailed plans.

This is a Thank You letter from the daughter of one of our design-only clients in Kansas. Scott Cohen designed her parents' back yard using their measurements and photographs of the yard. Consultations and revisions were made possible with the use of our online conferencing software and by telephone.

Hi Scott,

I just wanted to touch base and tell you THANK YOU so much for all of your help with my parents' pool design. The project is almost complete and it looks better than we could have ever expected. It is just perfect! We are waiting on the fire bowls to come in and a truck load of pool furniture and it will be all set to go. Just finished all landscaping and sod last week.

The pool is already getting lots of good use by my daughter, and she loves the Baja shelf. It's just perfect for her (she's only 2!)
Anyway, my parents asked me to e-mail you and let you know that they are so extremely happy with the design and the outcome. You definitely don't see many designs this cool in Kansas (probably not any)!
Thanks again! Jill Miller

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