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Holiday 2011

Dec. 14, 2011

It's hard to believe 2011 is almost over. We designed and built some beautiful projects this year, and we're excited about the upcoming season. Remember, when you're going to put in a swimming pool, the best time to start the process is winter time in order to insure it will be ready for graduation parties in June!

Reindeer-Proof Plants
And Other Holiday Garden Fun

The arrival of Donner and Blitzen is just around the corner. Once they've landed (with such a clatter), you can bet they're going to be hungry! And Santa is just too busy delivering presents to keep them out of your garden. With that in mind, the little garden elves at The Green Scene offer this list of "deer-proof" plants. Of course, anyone who lives where deer are garden pests (if you can bring yourself to call a lovely deer a pest) you understand that "proof" is a relative term. They have huge appetites and eat just about anything they can reach. The following plants appear to be their least favorite on the menu. For foliage, try Acacia, Boxwood, Cypress, Cedar, Pine, Spruce, Palms and Heavenly Bamboo. Showy, yet unappetizing, flowering shrubs and perennials include Lantana, Lion's Tail, Blue Hibiscus, Butterfly Bush, Bottle Brush, Wild Lilac, Princess Flower, Yarrow, Lily-of-the-Nile, Snow-in-Summer, Coneflower, Daylily, Candytuft, Lily Turf and Monkey Flower. Annuals are usually a delicacy for Rudolph and his Reindeer Friends. Deer-resistant varieties include Calendula, Impatiens, Pincushion Flower, Canterbury Bell, and California Poppy. There are several deer-resistant varieties that can also add Christmas color to the garden. Holly, Pyracantha and Viburnum will give a colorful display of red berries. Classic Poinsettia can be grown outdoors in frost-free areas. White Ageratum planted in masses will look like snowdrifts under the Christmas lights. In the Christmas spirit of giving, (if deer are not a worry) add plants with edible winter fruits and berries for our feathered friends. Good choices are Strawberry Tree, Natal Plum, Lowquat, Crabapple, and Gooseberry. Most important, don't forget to leave milk and cookies for Santa!

New Books by Scott Cohen

In this latest volume, Scott Cohen candidly shares his knowledge from more than 20 years of experience as a licensed landscape, swimming pool, and general contractor. Cohen has served as an expert witness for the California Contractor's State Licence Board for over a decade, inspecting hundreds of construction defect details of swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, ponds, water features, fire features, and more. The candid contractor offers his technical expertise as well as common sense advice to contractors and homeowners who plan to improve their yard.

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The goals of this book are to provide information, tips and expertise on creating a fun, beautiful, safe, and stimulating backyard environment for pets and their families, and to provide down to earth expert advice and dog training tips and address pet behavioral issues in the backyard.

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Patio Covers, Pergolas, and Pavilions
No outdoor room is complete without a bit of shelter for shade, privacy, and aesthetic appeal. Scott Cohen's newest book features 150 pages of gorgeous color photography and expert guidance to help you design a beautiful, functional structure for your backyard oasis.
Coming Soon!
We currently have 10 projects underway. Check out our Coming Soon page to see photos and perspective drawings.

Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits
From romantic stone fireplaces to crowd-pleasing fire circles to dramatic fire bowls, torches and troughs, you'll find what you need to create dazzling nighttime displays in this essential volume for homeowners, outdoor designers and builders.

Packed with original drawings featuring some of Cohen's most inspired work, this resource includes detailed designs for over 60 hardworking, high-appeal outdoor kitchens. Contractors and homeowners alike will find brilliant ideas and all the specifics they need to actually bring them to life. Every page spread features a new project with expertly illustrated elevations and footprints.
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