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Fired Arts and Crafts - March 2007

Fired Arts and Crafts Cover

When most people create glasswork, they look at it as an individual formation. When Scott Cohen looks at his glass pieces, he envisions something much grander. His company incorporates ceramic and glass creations into fountains, pools, and outdoor rooms like this cast concrete outdoor kitchen, perfect for entertaining guests.

The days of traditional outdoor grills are over. Today, guests congregate while food is prepared in outdoor kitchens and served in outdoor dining rooms. These outdoor rooms have serving counters, cocktail and beverage centers, cutting boards, warming drawers, sinks, teppan grills, sear zones, rotisseries, built in refrigerators, and more.

A recently completed outdoor kitchen was followed from start to finish on the HGTV show Property Buzz in a segment about the latest trends in outdoor design. In this project, an outdoor kitchen was created using inlaid, melted wine and scotch bottles complete with fiber optic lighting in the countertop surface. The countertop base is also illuminated at night with 250 illuminated wine bottles.

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Amber colored countertop and outdoor kitchen on Page 1

Wine bottle barbecue countertop and outdoor kitchen (daytime) on Page 2

Wine bottle barbecue and outdoor kitchen (nighttime) on Page 2