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The Green Scene D'Elia Remodel Project Profile

Don't miss the testimonial letter from this homeowner

Pool and Spa News talks to Scott Cohen 12/30/09

What great design concept are you working on? "We just finished a renovation with a beautiful all-tile, perimeter-overflow spa and four hammered copper fire-and-water scuppers on the backside of the contemporary pool."

How did it come about? "When I first met the client, her backyard was in the middle of a remodel. She had fired the original contractors. She was just replacing the coping, tile, plaster finish and decking. I don't like finishing projects that were started by somebody else - it's too much risk. Plus, the pool wasn't at the same caliber as the home. I said, 'We could finish this, but it doesn't seem like the kind of pool that ought to be in this yard.' So we designed a whole new pool.

D'Elia Before D'Elia Before
Delia Pool Construction Delia Backyard Perspective
"The spa is finished in a black iridescent glass tile. It looks black from one direction then, when the sunlight hits it, it seems like 100 different colors. "She has copper throughout her property - on her fireplace mantles, for instance - so we installed copper scuppers for the fire-and-water features. We put black glass in the pot to match the spa tile and added a little crushed mirror to pick up the glow from the flame. "Because of the scupper's proximity on the back side of the pool, there was no way to access them easily. You'd have to walk on the coping, because there is a planter behind it. So we put automatic starters on them. We also looped the plumbing on the fire-and-water features so the flow to all four is equal."
Delia Swimming Pool Delia Spa

Dear Scott,

I want to thank you, Scott, for listening and addressing all of my concerns. Once we met I knew Green Scene was the right choice.

As you know, following a bad experience with a contractor that I had hired to resurface and update our original pool and patio, I was paralyzed for a year not knowing where to turn to hire a new contractor that could and would be willing to tackle the mess that the previous contractor had left. Our pool was empty with loose chips, uneven brick coping, dug up trenches, and piles of dirt where the concrete patio had been torn up and drains had been left exposed and non-functional.

I watched a few episodes of HGTV's Get Out, Way Out! where I saw you transform barren backyards into beautiful resorts. I was embarrassed to show you the mess at our home, but after our first meeting I knew I had found the right person for the job.

Your kind and comforting demeanor inspired trust and confidence that you and The Green Scene could transform our unsightly nightmare into a beautiful backyard comparable to the ones seen on the show.

We were in good hands with Eric Scharon, our project foreman. He is friendly, most resourceful, knowledgeable, attentive, and hardworking. He made the job run smoothly. He addressed any questions or concerns immediately.

I am so impressed with your crew and apologize if I forget anybody. Our masons, Ray, Reuben, Sylvester, and Mathias were here daily at the crack of dawn and silently worked as we slept. Their work was professional and very meticulous. They really took pride in their endeavor. Chris and Pierre, the electricians, were extremely competent and helpful. Mario did a beautiful job with the stunning tile you selected. Felipe and Erlin did a wonderful job at landscaping.Your recommended pool service, Rich Gallo and Jericho are excellent and highly skilled in maintenance and knowledge of equipment. I am also very pleased with the crew that did the pool's pebble sheen surface, the guys that resurfaced our tennis court, and also the fence guys. What a marvelous group of people!

It was always very pleasant to call the office and speak to your wife, Lisa, or any one of your staff, Marie, Charles, Jason, or Jose. They were courteous, extremely professional, and on top of all permits, orders, and schedules. Your billing was detailed and easy to understand. I always felt at ease calling your office for assistance. It was always easy to reach you as well, and I looked forward to our onsite meetings where you would enthusiastically display new materials and ideas.

All together, The Green Scene is exceptional. Everyone is highly experienced, courteous, friendly, and take much pride in their work. Thank you for the stunning pool and spa, the spectacular copper fire bowls with water cascades, the exceptional outdoor fireplace with television, the fountain, and the great choice of pavers, tiles, and landscaping.

In my wildest dreams I had never pictured such an extraordinary piece of art. Scott, you turned my backyard into a gorgeous, tranquil, resort-style private oasis. I am amazed at your imagination and execution.

Thank you Scott and The Green Scene. We love it!

The D'Elia family