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The Green Scene Hardscape

Scott Cohen designs the most innovative ad eye-catching hardscape features. these pages we feature Scott's custom ceramic tile, concrete faux-wood bridges and patios, stone pilasters, paver patios, colored and stamped concrete walkways and patios, poured-in-place stepping stones, tile and stone pool coping, flagstone highlights, custom ironwork, and much more!

Paving Surfaces, Pilasters, and Decorative Walls | Custom Ironwork

Custom Tile

Custom Tile on spa by Michelle Griffoul Eichenberger swimming pool and spa with water slide

Spa & kitchen backsplash custom tile by Michelle Griffoul

Custom backsplash tile by Michelle Griffoul

Custom Martini Tile Custom Martini Tile
Custom Martini Tile
Custom Martini Tile
This martini tile was created to complement the homeowners' passion for martinis. The glasses were cast from their actual martini glasses, and the adjacent spa is also shaped like a martini glass.

Garden Artisan Scott Cohen sometimes retreats to his cermaic studio to create custom tile
for clients if they have a special interest that he can reflect with his unique artwork.
Custom Mermaid Tile Fountain Custom Wine Tile

Scott created this water feature by body-casting a homeowner who wanted a realistic mermaid fountain in her backyard.
Read how he did it in Pool and Spa News.

Colorful tile crafted for wine lovers.
Wine themed tile backsplash Shop our new catalog at HomeDecorators.com
Wine themed backsplash
Bottle Backsplash
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Recycled bottle backsplash
Custom Grapevine Tile Border
Grapevine tile border on barbecue counter
Bottle Counter and Martini Backsplash Libation Tile Bar
Apple martini tile on backsplash and barbecue counter Colorful tile mosaic bar

The projects in this section have been featured in the magazines below:
Fired Arts and Crafts Nov. 2003 Popular Ceramics June 2005 Fired Arts and Crafts March 2007
Fired Arts and Crafts
November 2003
Popular Ceramics
May/June 2005
Fired Arts and Crafts
March 2007
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Paving Surfaces, Pilasters, and Decorative Walls | Custom Ironwork