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The Green Scene's Custom Outdoor Kitchens and Barbecue Counters

The Green Scene specializes in one-of-a-kind concrete barbecue counters and outdoor kitchens. Scott Cohen designs barbecue counters crafted from recycled wine bottles, colored glass, and uses fiber optics to light them up at night.
All of our concrete countertops are cast-in-place and hand-seeded with glass and/or stone, and after the concrete is dry it is ground and polished, creating a beautiful, extremely durable, and easy-to-care-for finish. The mantle edge is also cast in place using a rubber or syrofoam mold. Take a look at some of Scott Cohen's creations, and schedule a consultation with him to learn how to design and build your own, or have him design it for you, no matter where you live. The photos below are some of the color combinations we have created. Take a look at our ASG Glass page for complete color selection.
(All colors may not be available at all times.)

Concrete Countertop Edge Forms
1 2 3
Cohen Glass Countertop Cast in place concrete countertop Kurkcuoglu Countertop
Mantle Edges Square Edge
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4 5 6
Mantle edge with grapevine tile
Pope Edge Unpolished
Unpolished countertop, upside down mantle
Kavanaugh Countertop Edge
Polished countertop, upside down mantle
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7 8 9
Kalman Countertop
Grapevine countertop with Bullnose Edge
Zamani Concrete Countertop
Rope Edge
Belinfante Countertop Edge Detail
Mantle Edge with Corbels
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10 11 12
Shulem Bullnose Edge
Bullnose Edge
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10 11 12
13 14 15